A tale of two cities? Not quite, but the contrasts shown during the tour are astonishing. The main goal of this half-day tour of Santiago is to illustrate the growth of Chile’s capital city from a small hamlet to a megalopolis of over seven million inhabitants. The tour will be conducted in chronological order, allowing you to understand the origins of the city, the urban sprawl since the 19th century, and the way ahead. This is history tour with a twist.




This fascinating tour is an exploration of Santiago’s thriving barrios. In Chile, the term ‘barrio’ simply refers to a neighbourhood with a character and identity of its own, and Santiago has plenty of them. The downtown barrios are of great historical and cultural importance, while the revitalized barrios of Lastarria and Italia are the most fashionable areas in the city.  This tour promises contrasts galore and a unique insight into Santiago’s barrio life.



This tour offers an original look at Santiago through its most iconic sculptures, often overlooked by the general public as it fits seamlessly into the urban landscape. This is the perfect introduction to the key figures and movements of sculpture in the capital, both in a formal and urban context. It is also a novel way of exploring the city's highlights. The full-day version of this tour is led by a local sculptor, ensuring a more in-depth experience.



The concept of this tour is to wake up with the city. Starting at 5.00am, we drive past several of the city’s icons en route to the country’s biggest wholesale fruit and vegetables market and fish market. A veritable explosion of activity and colour. Back in the centre, you can finish the tour as you prefer; with breakfast at a 'where the locals go' eatery, a run in a local park, or even a hot yoga class. Be sure to set your alarm.




Santiago is surrounded by mountains, with the omnipresent Andes to the east, looming over the city and providing its unique backdrop, and the Coastal Range to the west. It is no surprise therefore that a quick escape to the hills is a favourite pastime for the more active Santiaguinos. This tour is designed for visitors to the city who wish to squeeze in a morning or full day of outdoors into their busy schedule. The full-day version of this tour ends in a classic Chilean eatery for some well-deserved refuelling.


A fast-paced tour created for food lovers. It combines visits to the city’s major downtown markets and legendary Santiago spots that are well off the tourist radar. Perhaps we’ll enjoy local favourites such as a super-sized sandwich or an empanada. Maybe a glass of ‘terremoto’ (‘earthquake’ in Spanish) in a hole-in-the-wall bar, a coffee in an underground downtown café, or a classic Chilean cocktail in a kitschy bar. Tasty!



This tour celebrates Chile’s art heritage past and present, including visits to museums and galleries and a visit to the studio of an outstanding group of local emerging talents. 100% tailored to suit your own particular areas of interest, this is the perfect introduction to the key figures and movements of Chilean art. The full-day version is led by a renowned Chilean artist, making for a more in-depth experience for artists and art lovers alike.



An architectural revolution is taking place in Santiago. Long gone are the days of the drab creations of the 1960s. Local and international architects are making their mark on the city, which ranges from Colonial and 19th Century Neo-Classical icons in the centre to the contemporary masterpieces found in the uptown areas. The full-day version of this tour is led by a local architect to ensure the most in-depth experience possible.




With a focus on night views and nightlife, this tour will take you to the top of Latin America’s tallest building and introduce you to the city’s bar scene. Santiago is a vibrant metropolis and nightlife hub. Its burgeoning bar and culinary culture is making the city a destination for foodies and those seeking a sophisticated and authentic bohemian experience. Along the way, we'll enjoy a pisco sour at a local bar.