Mountains | Valleys | Glaciers | Thermal Springs | Off-Road | Adventure | Trekking | Traditions       

A full-day journey through pristine and ever-changing landscapes, with dramatic mountain views and off-the-beaten-path rural charm. This tour is ideal for hikers, photographers, nature-lovers and those who simply enjoy a beautiful view.



Beaches | Sand dunes | Wetlands | Off-road | Kayak | Horseback riding | Wildlife | Ecology | Cuisine   

An action-packed day in one of the most surprising areas of Chile’s central coast. This full-day journey promises a combination of outdoor activities, coastal cuisine, and scenery by the bucketload. This is an ideal programme for nature lovers and photographers.



Independent wineries | Premium wines | Valleys | Off-Road | Local cuisine

Blessed with perfect terroir and climate, Chile has established itself as a major producer of high quality, value for money wines. This programme focusses on small, independent wineries in the central coastal region that few have heard of, but really should.


Mountains | Adventure | National Park | Flora | Fauna | Trekking | Flavours | Traditions

A full-day journey to the La Campana National Park and surrounding villages, combining adventure, local cuisine, and traditions, to create a truly off-the-beaten-path experience and following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin.



Meditation | Yoga | Gong | Hydrotherapy | Beaches | Sand dunes | History | Culture | Cuisine              

A most original way to explore Chile’s central coast, this programme combines the full-on urban experience in the ever-popular Valparaíso, the natural beauty of the area near Concón, and meditation sessions to make for a very special day.



So you want us to roll up our sleeves and work a bit harder? OK, if you insist. Sense can cococt the perfect full-day tour that suits your specific requirements. Perhaps you want to mix and match the existing tours, or extend them to create a 2-day programme. Maybe you wish to combine these highlights with other gems such as Valparaiso. A drive to Argentina? A full-om wine programme? Our pleasure! Let us know what you want and we'll happily get to work.