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Small but perfectly formed.       

Sense is an owner-operated, hands-on team of people who love travel, Chile, urban life, and the outdoors. The team is led by Gary James, a Chilean resident since 1996, and an experienced industry professional with a vast background in experiential and niche travel, from upscale tour operators to mountain lodges and desert resorts. Our people on the ground are the perfect hosts, about as far removed from the average 'tour guide' as possible, coming from a wide range of backgrounds and areas of expertise. Their local knowledge and enthusiasm for what they do truly set them apart.



We haven't reinvented the wheel, but...   

Our urban adventures and full-day programmes have been designed to explore different facets of Santiago and the surrounding areas, and are aimed specifically at those travellers who want an in-depth and interactive experience. We call them 'upscale travel experiences with dirty boots'. The format is logical, we try to tell a story, and aim to create a memorable travel experience. We focus on the more off-the-beaten path areas of the city, but also present the traditional attractions in a refreshing way. Outside of Santiago, we want to share with our guests those places only the locals know about and we love. We keep things simple, focussed, flexible, and fun. Hardly rocket science, is it?



Giving back to local communities.

A percentage of the profits from all of our full-day programmes outside Santiago and several of our urban adventures are donated to local causes. One such example is the Escuela Fronteriza de San Gabriel, a rural school located in the Cajón del Maipo, very close to the border with Argentina. With 130 pupils, aged from 4 to 13, we make much-needed donations to fund the purchase of materials, the general upkeep of infrastructure, and to finance workshops aimed at stimulating creativity through music and art. We consider these donations a fundamental part of what we do, wherever we operate, 



You can't beat a Landie.             

We favour Land Rovers for our Urban Adventures and Journeys, both Freelander and Discovery, ideal in an urban context given their height and cabin visibility, whilst performing superbly in more challenging terrain. They're always well-stocked with water and goodies for the journey. Our close relationship with Land Rover Chile gives us exclusive access to up to ten additional vehicles for incentives and larger groups, and when off-road driving is a major component of a programme, Land Rover experts are on-hand to share their expertise. We are a carbon-neutral company, offsetting our emmissions each year by donating to crucial renewable energy and resource conservation activities in Chile.